Train Set Buyer's Guide

Hornby gauge train sets vary widely - from simple, robust sets designed for young children, through to complex and sophisticated models that are only suitable for older users.

In this guide we will explain the features of the different types of Hornby OO gauge train sets for sale on this site. All train sets on this website are OO gauge - the most popular and widely-used model railway gauge. This means that accessories and parts are extremely widely available.

Hornby Train Sets For Beginners

Hornby's beginner train sets are designed to be affordable, durable and simple to use. Sets such as Local Freight are ideal for children or adults who are just starting out and want to be able to start small and expand gradually.

Hornby also make a wide range of accessories that can be used to expand their basic sets - including Track Packs and additional locomotives and wagons.

Thomas the Tank Engine Train Sets - Ideal for Young Children

In recent years, Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity.

Hornby's licensed Thomas & Friends Train Sets feature characters such as Percy, Gordon, James, and Henry and are perfect for young children. All Thomas sets are compatible with Hornby's other train sets - meaning your child's train set can grow and develop as they do.

Hornby Train Sets for Older Children & Adults

Older children and adults are likely to appreciate the authentic historic and modern train sets sold by Hornby. These sets also offer more track, greater detail and require more skill to operate than Hornby's beginner sets.

Sets such as the Flying Scotsman Train Set and the Pendolino Train Set capture all the romance, drama and engineering achievement of a particular era of train travel. Hornby's locomotives are very detailed and accurate, enabling you to recreate your favourite railway era in your home.

Hornby Digital Train Sets

Hornby's digital train sets are increasingly being seen as the ultimate train sets for serious enthusiasts. The digital controller system means that you can operate more than one locomotive on one line at the same time.

Hornby's digital range currently includes the Virgin Pendolino and Mixed Goods Train Sets - but Hornby is adding new, digital-compatible locomotives all the time, providing lots of potential for this new technology.

We feature all of the electric train sets mentioned above and many more. We are certain that whatever train set you are looking for, you will find it here.

N Gauge Train Sets

If space is limited, you might want to consider creating a layout using the smaller N Gauge scale.